Frau Wien legt los :: Frau Wien gets started

Endlich (fast) alle Bilder aufgehängt und aufgeräumt! Jetzt kanns endlich losgehen mit 2010 und den vielen Ideen, die sich so im Kopf tummeln. Hier sind ein paar Eindrücke von meiner neuen bunten Wand. Auch die Katze mags!


Finally I'm ready with hanging (nearly) all pictures and cleaning up my working space! Now the year 2010 can start with all the ideas carvorting in my head! Here are some impressions of my new colorful wall. Even the cat likes it


Pictures and sculptures and other things on the wall are from:

Dilka Bear (picture of the twins in the big white frame and little turqouise picture with the blackhaired girl), Selda Soganci (angels), Nathalie Lete (little suitcases), me (the cat on the stick), Mummy Sam (little fox), Rosenrot (orange picture and the little "Glückspilz"), Camilla Engman (calender and postcard on the shelf), Florian Weiss (photos on wood), Tonia Wiatrowski (pictures on coasters), Doubleparlour (sculpture with little cows you can`t see on the photo), Gemma Corell (pink postcard with girl and cat), Nikoki (Little Red Riding Hood Puppet), Roberta Bergmann (little comics) Paola Zakimi (picture with big cat and little cat), Moni Port (postcard with many black cats), Jenny Meilihove (9 little portraits) and many many more :-)

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